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At Siphonic Innovations, our forte lies in the comprehensive design and execution of state-of-the-art Siphonic Roof Drainage projects. With a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years, we specialize in crafting solutions that elevate your projects. From intricate designs to flawless execution, we are your dedicated partner in bringing efficiency and excellence to every roof. Welcome to a space where expertise and innovation converge seamlessly.

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Crafting Excellence in Siphonic Roof Drainage

At Siphonic Innovations, we specialize in offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to elevate your experience with Siphonic Roof Drainage projects.

Design Excellence

Designing Siphonic Roof Drainage is a craft, and we excel in it. Our team ensures precision and innovation, providing safe yet economically optimized pipe sizing to guarantee cost savings for your projects.

Complete Proposal Preparation

We go beyond the ordinary by preparing a thorough Siphonic Rainwater Proposal. This comprehensive package includes a detailed Bill of Quantities (BOQ), Hydraulic Balance reports, and Isometric drawings in AutoCAD. Our goal is to equip you with all the essential insights to make informed decisions.

Client Presentation Support

Presenting a Siphonic Roof Drainage project to your clients requires finesse and clarity. We offer dedicated support to present your project effectively, ensuring your clients grasp the innovative solutions we bring to the table.

Roof Outlets Expertise

Recognizing the pivotal role of Roof Outlets in siphonic systems, we specialize in providing top-notch solutions. Our expertise ensures that your project benefits from the most crucial component of siphonic roof drainage, setting the stage for optimal efficiency.

Vendor Connection Assistance

Seamless execution is our commitment. We extend our support by connecting you with reputable piping and fitting vendors. This ensures a smooth and efficient process, allowing your project to progress without unnecessary delays.

About Us

Driving Innovation at Siphonic Innovations LLP

Led by the vision of Ms. Aishwarya Krishnan, Siphonic Innovations LLP stands as a trailblazer in the Siphonic Roof Drainage industry. With Ms. Krishnan’s expertise, holding a Masters in Construction Management and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Siphonic Innovations is at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions.

  • Aishwarya Krishnan


Proudly certified by the Government of India as a startup, Siphonic Innovations gains added confidence to expand and make a significant mark in the market. This recognition by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) not only validates our commitment to innovation but also provides a solid foundation to build our brand and expand our business.

In the dynamic landscape of Siphonic Roof Drainage, Siphonic Innovations is charting a course of its own. We are not just a presence in the industry; we are redefining it. Our focus on autonomy, coupled with startup recognition by DPIIT, underscores our dedication to providing unparalleled solutions, setting new standards, and shaping the future of Siphonic Roof Drainage technology.


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Siphonic roof drainage, often perceived as intricate and challenging, is seamlessly simplified by our expertise.

Past Projects​

Our recent endeavors encompass the design of acclaimed structures, ranging from renowned international Airport buildings to large Commercial roofs, Industrial sheds, and towering High-Rise structures. While our major projects have significantly impacted the Siphonic landscape in India, we’re extending our influence globally with ongoing design projects in Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, and the Maldives.



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